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About This Project

Programs Used: Sublime Text 3, Heroku, Photoshop

Project Summary:

Bloc-Jams Angular is a digital music player project application built during the Bloc Front-End Web Developer course. It is made up of HTML, Angular JS, and CSS. For learning purposes, the first version of Bloc Jams was written with vanilla JavaScript and then re-factored with Angular JS for the final version of the application.



The main function of the Bloc Jams Angular JS application is to display an album view and play music files. The project began with creating the landing page and a link to an album ‘collection’ view (slide #2 to the right).


Completed Project Objectives:

• Bootstrap Angular to an application and created an Angular module.
• Configured routing and states for the application.
• Implemented controllers for application’s views.
• Created a service that controls song playback.
• Wrote a custom directive that controls song and volume sliders.
• Created a custom time code filter.