Saratech Website Redesign

April, 2018

Saratech.com – After:

Saratech.com – Before:

Programs Used: WordPress, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator


Custom redesign of company website for Saratech.com.




The previous website design was also created using a WordPress Theme template, however, the theme developer had discontinued support for the theme and, as a result, the theme became incompatible with the WordPress core and other installed plugins. This meant that the live company website was broken when I came onboard.


Subsequently, the design on the new website had to be done quickly. I scheduled meetings with each Business Unit and reviewed what critical information needed to be represented on the website. Each meeting produced a longer punch list, but since I was new to the company, they were vital to the information gathering process. I implemented a widget called UserSnap which allows website users anywhere to go to the website and submit feedback with annotations using the widget. This was very valuable in checking off which tasks had been completed and which were outstanding.


The updated design is mobile responsive, SEO optimized, and employs a full-width layout. It’s much more current in terms of design trends and has a more user friendly layout and navigation structure.