AAU Coursework

Surf Stars

Responsive Mobile Website



Web Design, Web Development

Project Summary:

Responsive mobile website design and development project completed as coursework for Academy of Art University.

Programs Used: Sublime Text 3, Adobe XD

What is this Project About?

Surf Stars is a surfing app fan site for surf fans to read about their favorite surfers and their exploits at competitions and surf destinations around the globe. The idea is loosely based on the World Surf League professional surfing rankings website.


How it was Made:

Surfstars is a mobile app design mockup created with Adobe XD. The working prototype is coded in HTML and jQuery UI.


What problem does it solve?

This site provides users easy to access to information about their surfers and it’s fun to interact with. With the advent of “Fantasy Surfing”, where users put together a pretend team based on actual athletes and score points when the athletes do well, this app will help users track the accomplishments of individual surfers.


Target Audience:

Anyone who is a fan of surfing or traveling in general. Surfing is a worldwide, multi-billion-dollar sport with throngs of fans who treat the athlete surfers life celebrities. Any minute piece of information is broadcast
everywhere, everyday over social and mainstream media.