You never know until you go….

You never know until you go….

One of the things I like most about photography is that you never know what you’re gonna get. Every time I decide to go shoot, I’m trying to picture what the conditions will be like before I get there. It’s a lot like surfing that way. You hope it’ll be good, but you don’t know until you go.

I’ve become really fond of Crystal Cove State beach in North Laguna lately. It’s a huge, sweeping park, which I love, but it also faces a little more North than the rest of the Coast, which gives you a better vantage point to watch the sunset this time of year. During other times of the year, the sun sets out over the ocean, or even better, behind Catalina Island. But in the summer, it sets really north in the sky. Maybe an astronomy buff can tell me why that is?

Not bad for hand held:

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